maanantai 18. elokuuta 2014

Suddenly I was at wedding

Viime viikonloppuna olimme J:n kaverin muksun kastejuhlassa. Tai sellaiseksi minä niitä luulin siihen asti kunnes tilaisuus alkoi - pari piti nimittäin samalla myös yllätyshäät! Eipä mikään ihme, että näyttivät ensin niin jännittyneiltä!

Greeting card was partly made of recycled materials:
base: from shower curtain package
plump paper: made by me about a decade ago
pink cardboard: from perfume box

dress - Only
belt - second hand
sunglasses - H&M
tights - H&M
shoes - from Berlin (can't remember store's name)
purse - second hand / DIY

Last weekend me and my other half went to his friend's baby's christening. Or that's what I thought it was until the ceremony began - it was also a surprise wedding! No wonder why the couple looked so nervous first!

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